Webinar: Piping Brittle Fracture Evaluations

Piping Brittle Fracture Evaluation
Thursday, October 21, 2021 2:00 – 3:00 PM EDT
Presenters: Kraig S. Shipley, P.E. Piping & Fired Heaters Principal Engineer; Stephanie J. Dux, Staff Engineer II; R. Branden Stucky, Vice President of Engineering Solutions

Brittle fracture is the sudden, rapid propagation of a crack-like flaw under stress where the material exhibits little or no evidence of ductility.  Although rare, the consequences of brittle fracture are typically catastrophic and preventing brittle fracture is essential when establishing fixed equipment life-cycle management strategies.

On October 21st, E2G is hosting a discussion-based webinar that will examine the API 579 Part 3 brittle fracture methodology with a particular focus on Level 3 evaluations, including:

  • How to apply the methodologies to piping systems
  • When to perform brittle fracture evaluations
  • What information is required to complete an evaluation
  • How to interpret and apply piping brittle fracture results

Register today for this in-depth conversation to learn about piping brittle fracture evaluations, the different factors that can impact brittle fracture risk, and how you can apply this methodology to your piping systems.  Mr. Shipley and Ms. Dux will also highlight a recent level 3 piping brittle fracture case study using SIMFLEX-III, piping stress, and flexibility analysis software.

Who Should Attend: 

  • Technical staff and managers in the refining, chemical, and power generation industries  
  • Plant reliability and maintenance engineers 
  • Inspectors and inspection supervisors 


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