Webinar: Guidelines for Application of Current NDE Technologies for Degradation Monitoring of Assets

Guidelines for Application of Current NDE Technologies for Degradation Monitoring of Assets
Thursday, December 1, 2022 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST
Presenter: Jim McVay, Mechanical Integrity Team Leader, Principal Engineer II; Mindy Wu, Engineer II

Effectively managing your inspection resources results in improved reliability of critical assets and optimized inspection costs. Unfortunately, many plants are not applying the most effective inspection practices to their operations, which leads to higher inspection and maintenance costs as well as increased risk of equipment failure. 

During this webinar, Jim McVay and Mindy Wu will introduce you to several non-destructive testing (NDT) technologies and provide details on how to apply each to improve the overall effectiveness of your inspection resources.  The presentation will provide guidance on how to properly use each technology based on degradation mechanisms, asset or component types, and expected damage morphologies. In addition, you’ll learn how to set up performance demonstration qualification programs (PDQP) for advanced NDT technologies, such as advanced ultrasonics.

What You Will Learn:

  • Basic understanding of NDT technologies
  • Special preparation considerations for certain NDT technologies
  • Typical morphologies of common damage mechanisms
  • Application of NDT technologies to damage mechanisms, based on expected morphologies
  • Outline of PDQP for NDT technologies

Who Should Attend:

  • Inspectors
  • Inspection Engineers
  • Corrosion Engineers
  • Inspection Planners
  • Maintenance Planners & Execution Supervisors

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